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Acceler8 is a premium paid newsletter released every Sunday broadly covering the following topics currently:

a)    Follow my Portfolio

This is a one of the kind information service where the actual trade details (screenshots of trades) are shared with the subscribers on the same day itself.

This section includes current holding, closed positions, and overall portfolio performance details. You will have access to stocks which qualify my investment criteria which can be a starting point for creating your own watchlist or doing further research.    

We eat our own cooking and the same strategy is applied for the family portfolio and personal capital. Hence the incentive for outperforming is inbuilt in this service.

b)    Investing Lessons

“The harder lessons you can learn vicariously rather than through your own hard experience, the better” – Charlie Munger

This section provides an opportunity for vicarious learning from the investing lessons, experiences and analysis based on actual trades done in the acceler8 portfolio.

c)     Curated investing content

“Ancora Imparo (I am still learning)” – Michelangelo at the age of 89

This section provides an opportunity for continuous learning where we will be sharing handpicked investing contents (blog/ article/ research paper/ white paper/ annual letter/ classic articles / interviews) to consume.

How will it benefit you?

1.      Follow my Portfolio:

The newsletter will help you get access to my actual trade ideas based on my investing strategy . All the stocks included in the portfolio are subject to a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

These trades are not any recommendation to buy or sell but helps you  to create a watchlist of quality stocks which can be a starting point for your further research.

The capital allocated to these ideas if they qualify based on your analysis is completely up to you and technically there is no limit on the possibilities.

2) Investing Lessons

Most importantly, this is a learning service.  and I think the biggest benefit will be the vicarious learning opportunities from actual trade.  

Learning can be either through direct experience or by way of a vicarious learning from the experience of others.

Mr. Market is a willing teacher as long as you are a willing student. Every day and every trade in the stock market has an investing lesson in it. Some lessons are obvious and some are not so obvious. In some cases, the lessons and insights are hiding behind the data, numbers and even emotions of the investor.

I consider this as a one of the kind of service which I have not found anywhere in the market. Sharing of actual trades are usually avoided by even Market PRO’s due to the huge reputational risk it carries with it.

3) Curated investing lessons

Continuous learning is absolutely necessary in any field including investing. As part of this newsletter, I will be sharing one piece of awesome investing content which can be a research paper, blog article, white paper or any other piece of insight / information which I believe will add value to your investment journey.

Every week, there would be a possibility of adding to your existing knowledge bank. Over a year you will have read 50 of these and if you do this long enough – you will suddenly find yourself in a league of your own. Over time, the knowledge compounds to create a momentum and a train of fine ideas / mental models and thoughts kick in.

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An MBA with 20 years + experience keenly following and investing in the Indian stock markets. Focused on studying the superinvestors and on how money was most successfully made in the past to continually get better at investing.

Ex-banker, Blogger and Investor with a mission to inspire common man create wealth through sensible equity investing.


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