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Acceler8 is a premium weekly newsletter released every Sunday focused on trades done in the Indian Stock market based on proprietary Bluechip Momentum investing strategy

Follow my Portfolio

This is a one of the kind information service where the actual trade details (screenshots of trades) are shared with the subscribers on the same day itself.

This section includes current holding, closed positions, and overall portfolio performance details. You will have access to stocks which qualify my investment criteria which can be a starting point for creating your own watchlist or doing further research.    

We eat our own cooking and the same strategy is applied for the family portfolio and personal capital. Hence the incentive for outperforming is inbuilt in this service.

How will it benefit you?

The newsletter will help you get access to my actual trade ideas based on my investing strategy . All the stocks included in the portfolio are subject to a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

These trades are not any recommendation to buy or sell but helps you  to create a watchlist of quality stocks which can be a starting point for your further research.

The capital allocated to these ideas if they qualify based on your analysis is completely up to you and technically there is no limit on the possibilities.

About Me

Founder at Shrika Capital, an investment boutique focused on equity research, financial planning and private wealth management.

An MBA with over 20 years + experience in banking, wealth management and capital markets. A student of the market and an active investor keenly watching, following and investing in the Indian stock market for over 18 years

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Try out the service at just 800 per month. Even better, subscribe to the annual plan for 8000 and get two months free. The service has returned +47% after brokerage, short term capital gains and acceler8 yearly subscription charges.

If you are a part-time investor short of time or a common man looking for an additional source of income then do give this service a serious consideration.

I assure you we will leave no stone unturned to make money work for you

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Keep learning, Happy investing !

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